Developer Toolkit


CD/DVD Authoring


  • DBeaver (Free) –
    A universal SQL IDE. Allows for better connection organization and is able to connect to all major database vendors.
  • emEditor (Paid) –
  • I discovered this application when having issues with Sublime Text when opening extremely large csv files.  emEditor is absolutely amazing with csv files and can handle files upwards of 248GB.  For csv files, it gives you proper excel columns and table management that Sublime Text just can’t offer.
  • Git (Free) –
    A barebones connection to a git repository.  Provide a commandline interface for working with git commands.
  • JSFiddle (Free) –
    Quick code snippet sharing and quick testing of code
  • Litmus (Paid) –
    A website for testing emails across a large variety of devices.  Great for testing email responsiveness and feature compatability.
  • NetBeans IDE (Free) –
    An IDE for Java, PHP, HTML, Javascript, and all sorts of other non-Microsoft languages.
  • Royal TS/X (Paid) –
    A connection management suite for managing Linux, Windows, SFTP, and many more connections.
  • SourceTree (Free) –
    An excellent, free application, used for managing version control of code repositories. Works with Git, GitLab, GitHub
  • Sublime (Free/Paid) –
    The best text editor around. Fully customizable with a large development community.
  • Visual Studio (Free/Paid) –
    Foundational tool for Microsoft .NET and C++ development.

File Transfer


Multimedia Editing


  • 1Password (Paid) –
    Secure web password manager with many more additional features than competitors.


  • 7-Zip –
    A no-fuss compressed file browser. Can open a large number of copressed files formats.
  • Bulk Rename Utility (Free Personal/Paid Business) –
    An excellent tool for bulk renaming files. You are able to rename files based on Regex expressions or the myriad of other options.
  • Connectify (Paid) –
    Turn your laptop into a mobile hotspot.
  • Display Fusion (Paid) –
    The best solution for managing multiple monitors. Features include taskbars on all monitors, smart window management, adding buttons to windows, desktop wallpaper switching.
  • Grammarly (Paid) –
    An application that integrates with Microsoft Office and web browsers to check your grammar. A great resource for students in higher education.
  • Greenshot (Free) –
    Replaces the default Print Screen functionality with a smart drag and drop interface to select regions of the screen to capture. Instantly edit the screenshot by highlighting/blurring/drawing attention to specific areas, etc., then share or save the file to many different services.
  • (Free) –
    Used to annotate websites via highlighting and comments.  Can be used for group annotations.
  • Ninite (Free/Paid)-
    A quick solution for any new computer setup. Bulk installs many of the tools on this list which saves time from searching for all of the applications individually.
  • Stardock ObjectDesktop (Paid)-
    This is a suite of applications. Windows Blinds allows you to skin your entire desktop experience; WindowFX allows you to add Linux style window animations to your desktop; Deskscapes adds the capability for a video desktop background; Multiplicity allows you to share your keyboard & mouse across multiple computers.
  • TeamViewer (Free/Paid) –
    A screen sharing solution. Great for troubleshooting issues.
  • WinDirStat (Free) –
    Determine what areas in a particular folder or a whole hard drive are taking up the most space.
  • VirtualBox (Free) –
    A virtual machine application that supports Windows, Linux, and Solaris operating systems.